Why Consider Our Sheep

HEALTHY, humanely raised ANIMALS

Our sheep are pasture-raised and humanely treated.  Lambs are raised with their mothers on rotated pastures that provide quality forage. Antibiotics are used only when absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy animal. We provide the highest quality supplements, Tifton 85 hay, and only feed quality grain and only as needed. We limit the use of anthelmintics by using the Famacha method. Fortunately our foundation flock consists of significantly enhanced parasite resistant animals.


We are conveniently located East of I-45 on the border of Montgomery County and San Jacinto County, 50 miles North of Houston and 250 miles South of Dallas. 

Buyers looking to purchase quality, registered Dorper bloodlines for a breeding program need not travel to West or Far North Texas to look for a breeder.


As a commercial lamb producer, we are dedicated to providing quality a market product when available. We are expecting ~20 lambs this season, we are lambing now, and will make the lambs available as soon as they are ready. Please watch our "For Sale" page for current lambs for sale.

You may pick up lambs here or we can deliver within a 50 mile radius for a small fee.

We partner with a local meat market with a State Inspector.  We would be happy to have your lamb(s) processed to your specifications.


Breed standards are very important to us.  The offspring produced by our registered Dorper ram and fullblood commercial Katahdin ewes have been impressive with 12-13# birth weights and thick as a brick.  It takes strong healthy mamas to deliver them and so far we are encouraged with their mothering abilities.

Fullblood Registered Dorper Breeding Stock:  Some of the excellent genetics currently in our flock:

  • Powell Ranch
  • Yucca Lily
  • Riverwood
  • Karoo
  • Summa

Dorper / Katahdin Commercial Breeding Stock:  We mix the excellent genetics of a John Powell Ranch and Yucca Lily ram with fullblood commercial Katahdin ewes.

A quality meat lamb

Dorper/Katahdin Cross:  These two breeds are hair sheep.  Our philosophy is that by using the outstanding characteristics of the quality of meat and fast gaining ability of the Dorper coupled with the excellent frame, constitution and hardiness of the Katahdin, the result is a longer, taller, heavier carcass of superior meat quality. 

Dorpers are bred for its lean, tender meat, its broad frame and ideal muscling. More is better.

The introduction of Dorper meat to chefs across the US has certainly spiked an interest in kitchens and restaurant menus. The simplicity in preparation and superb flavors make the Dorper lamb a quick favorite in the industry.
— Lloyd Wendel, Past President ADSBS