Hello, and welcome to Hickman Farms.  We are Ronny and Jackie Hickman.  We have had a love for livestock, farming and ranching all our lives so, upon retirement, we opened our farm to sheep with our goal being to produce quality lambs for breeding stock and meat production.  Our commercial operation is growing and we are proud of our flock of Dorper and Katahdin sheep. We strive to produce a quality animal that you would be proud to own or purchase for commercial meat consumption or distribution.


We are members of the American Dorper Sheep Breeders’ Society (ADSBS)



and participate in the National Scrapie Eradication Program (NSEP).


Our program consists of producing lambs sired by our registered Dorper Ram, “Hercules”.  We breed to registered Dorper ewes as well as fullblood Katahdin ewes.


We strive to maintain our animals on grass and hay, feeding grain as little as possible.  We also limit the use of antibiotics and vaccinate/medicate only to ensure healthy, quality animals.



Meet “Hercules” ADSBS No. RF090888

Out of Powell Ranch and Yucca Lilly





“Hercules” with his ladies






“Dorpers cross well with commercial ewes of other breeds and as terminal sires produce fast growing muscular lambs.  Years of study in South Africa and recent university studies in the United States have shown the Dorper to have excellent meat qualities.  Tenderness of chops was measured at the University of Idaho using the Warner-Brazler shear force test.  Results were very favorable for the Dorper sired lambs with a 30% improvement in tenderness over Suffolk sired lambs.  The percent of shrinkage in chop weight from cooking was lower for Dorper sired lambs.  Continuing studies will measure juiciness, flavor and fatty acid composition”. (www.dorper.org)



Dorper carcass






 “Katahdin hair sheep provide a practical option to producers who are primarily interested in raising a meat animal.  Katahdin sheep possess a significantly higher degree of parasite resistance than wool sheep that they were compared to. Heat tolerance trials demonstrate a similar relationship. Other traits being studied at research institutions include out-of-season breeding, prolificacy and fertility factors, carcass quality and meat flavor, and growth performance.”  (www.katahdins.org)






Katahdins are a heavy-muscled, medium-sized breed.  Lambs grow and mature rapidly to an acceptable market weight range and produce relatively lean and well muscled carcasses with a very mild flavor.












Ram Lamb Cross out of Hercules/Katahdin (2 months old)







Fullblood Dorper Lambs







Fullblood Dorper Lambs with Katahdin Cross Lamb