Our Dorpers are registered with the American Dorper Sheep Breeders Society.

Our Dorper sheep seed stock are of superior quality, genetics, and produce outstanding ram and ewe lambs.

Dorper is a delicate meat with a larger "plate-appeal" lamb chop, has a mild flavor, is extremely tender, can be used in many meat recipes and most people think its better than venison.  From our experience, having processed lambs for our own table, the taste of Dorper meat is far superior to the meat of European wool sheep, which is what you are buying at the chain grocery stores.  It is lower in cholesterol than both beef and pork and is much leaner than European wool sheep meat.  And therein is the reason for the milder taste.  It has much less fat than the European breeds. Comparing European wool sheep to Texas hair sheep is like comparing milk cows to Kobe beef.  They are both cattle, but there is a difference.  LAMB MEAT IS CONSUMED BY MORE PEOPLE THAN ANY OTHER MEAT IN THE WORLD.  See Recipes

Hardy & Adaptable

Excellent Maternal Qualities

Long Breeding Season

Non-Selective Grazers

Heat & Insect Tolerant

Parasite Tolerant


Reproductive Efficiency

Hair Sheep-No Shearing

Fullblood Dorper Lambs and Dorper/Katahdin Cross

Fullblood Dorper Lambs and Dorper/Katahdin Cross

dorper carcass studies

According to the American Dorper Sheep Breeders' Society, years of study in South Africa and recent university studies in the United States have shown the Dorper to have excellent meat qualities.  Tenderness of chops was measured at the University of Idaho using the Warner-Brazler shear force test. 

Results were very favorable for the Dorper sired lambs with a 30% improvement in tenderness over Suffolk sired lambs.  The percent of shrinkage in chop weight from cooking was lower for Dorper sired lambs. 

Continuing studies will measure juiciness, flavor and fatty acid composition.                                            from The American Dorper Sheep Breeders' Society pamphlet


Hickman Family Farm Ram and Fullblood Dorper Ewes playing (or courting?)
Hickman Family Farm Registered Dorper Ewes

Hickman Family Farm Registered Dorper Ewes

Hickman Family Farm - Registered Dorper Ram Lamb

Hickman Family Farm - Registered Dorper Ram Lamb


The Dorper breed was developed in South Africa in the 1930s and 40s using the Horned Dorset and Blackheaded Persian Sheep.  Selection was made to produce top carcass characteristics and the ability to thrive under harsh, arid conditions. 

The Dorper and White Dorper are maintained as separate breeds, but differ only in color.  The Dorper has a white body with a black head and the White Dorper is solid white.  The coat is a mixture of hair and short wool, which is shed, eliminating the need for shearing.

Mature rams weigh between 225 and 275 lbs.  Mature Ewes average 160-220 lbs.

Dorpers have calm dispositions.